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Winonic’s Capabilities Matrix and Roadmap

Capability / Construction Standard Technology Advanced Technology R&D Current
Layer Count 2-32 40 > 42
Overall Board Thickness (in.) Min. 0.025
Max. 0.300

Panel Size (in.) Min. 12x18
Max. 21x24

Max. 21x26
Minimum Core Thickness (mils) 2 2 1
Trace / Space (mils) 3/3 2/2 <1/1
Minimum Copper Cladding Weight 3/8 oz
Maximum Copper Cladding Weight 2 oz 4 oz 6 oz
HDI Layers 2-3 4+ 10+
Lamination Cycles 2-3 4 5+
Layer Registration .005" .003" .002"
Minimum Drill Size (Mechanical) .0078" .006" .004"
Drill Aspect Ratio (PTH) 10:1 16:1 >20:1
Drill Aspect Ratio (Filled Vias) 8:1 12:1 >12:1
Microvia Aspect Ratio .6:1 .75:1 1:1
Microvia Capture Pad to Hole Diameter .006" .004" .003"
Backdrill Diameter above Prime Drill .010" .007" <.007"
LDI Soldermask Minimum Web .004" .0035" .003"
LDI Soldermask Minimum Clearance .003" .0015" .0015"
Inkjet Legend Printing
White, Green, Red, Blue, Black


  • Certification AS9100D
  • Certification IPC
  • Certification AERO
  • Certification ITAR
  • Certification NIST
  • Certification Reach
  • Certification Rohs
  • Certification UL

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