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Our process is not a traditional print/plate/etch circuit technology.  Additive Circuits technologies utilizes proprietary additive manufacturing methods, combined with traditional imaging and plating equipment.  Metallization is initiated thru a patented catalytic deposit and plating processes.   The molecular deposition process improves interfacial adhesion strength of the metallic and dielectric layers when compared to traditional methods, and can create feature sizes/tolerances that are only limited by the resolution of the imaging equipment and finishing processes.


  • Higher circuit pattern densities with tighter routing options, enabling complex circuit board designs, smaller packaging, reduced layer counts and sequential laminations.
  • Improved manufacturing yields through elimination of etching variables/artifacts, with the ability to produce finer conductor widths, pitches, and features.
  • Enhanced signal Integrity and performance, with improved power efficiency.
  • Expanded dielectric material selections, new composite materials, and new stack ups options.
  • Novel use of conductive materials and final finishes, allowing direct to gold metallization of ceramics for telemedicine and miltech.
  • Robust adhesion and thermal tolerances, even on ultra-fine features.  

At Winonics we serve people, not markets. Our advanced technology and quick turnaround meet your needs for quality products, on time and without excuses. The resulting valuable and reliable solution gives you the competitive advantage your company requires.

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We set the highest standards for conventional and advanced technology multilayer PCBs and by consistently investing in innovative engineering solutions and advanced process capabilities.

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We are committed to providing convenient and easy access to tools, documentation, support, and up-to-date learning resources to proactively equip and contribute to our partners success.

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Winonics is an invaluable resource in your pursuit of innovative product solutions. From prototyping through dependable full-scale production, our engineering and manufacturing resources are here to ensure that your product, meets or exceeds your expectations every step of the way.

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ACT - The Solution