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Fullerton facility originally founded in 1967, the Bench 2 Bench name was created in 2008 by JR Controls.

Acquired by Additive Circuits Technologies LLC (ACT) on September 1, 2021. ACT's proprietary additive technologies will suplement its ultra-high density capabilities to the flexible circuit's market segment.  The technology ultimately will allow for smaller, faster, and thinner circuits to meet increasing demands of the overall electronics market.  It will industrialize the manufacturing of high-definition flexible circuits, allowing these type of products to reach targeted customers in an accelerated manner. 

The acquisition of Bench 2 Bench is part of an aggressive business strategy to deploy technology into multiple market segments concurrently. The Bench 2 Bench acquisition follows the 2020 acquisition of Winonics, a rigid printed circuit board fabricator for the aerospace and avionics markets. These acquisitions have served to establish new technology platforms for exploiting the company’s proprietary additive manufacturing technologies and to gain market access and extend product offerings within the electronics manufacturing sector. 

The capabilities of the combined organizations will create a company with great strengths across a range of technology platforms. The combination of Bench 2 Bench’s expertise in flexible circuits broadens ACT’s reach into new market segments while extending product offerings, services, and capacity of the Company’s current rigid circuit board manufacturing facility at Winonics. 

We are incredibly excited to join ACT and Winonics, the synergy between the three organizations makes for a very powerful combination,” added Ira Rosenberg, General Manager, Bench 2 Bench Technologies. “We have a shared value in innovation that I am confident will lead to greater profitability and perhaps transformative breakthroughs in electronics manufacturing.” 


While the Fullerton, CA facility was founded in 1967, the Bench 2 Bench name was adopted in 2008. Bench 2 Bench, (B2B) was founded on the idea that ultra high density interconnects require special expertise and handling, unique engineering considerations and close working relationships between customer and provider. The products built here are not your average PCB’s, but are fully custom flex circuitry with ultra fine features. These circuits can be used in a variety of applications, with special opportunities for use in the medical market. The process of revamping the Fullerton facility to accommodate this product mix has been quite extensive, and required a complete overhaul of the existing 30,000 sq. ft. building. From the class 10,000 clean room, to the plasma etching equipment and laser drill, the facility and staff are ready to produce.

Points of Interest

  • Located in Fullerton, California
  • Founded in 1967
  • 25 years flex experience
  • Medical imaging flex expertise
  • Assembly processing
  • 28,000 ft2 Facility
  • Debt Free
  • Growing

Why B2B?

  • Financially stable – debt free business
  • Quick responsiveness
  • Quick turn prototyping to full production support
  • Working relationship (Bench 2 Bench)
  • LCC strategy – Partnered with an Asian flex supplier
  • Supporting Low volume / High mix products
  • Three separate facilities – Risk Management
  • Plant level business and order management
  • Ease of doing business – Hassle free


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Lay-Up Area
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Cut Material
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AOI Machine
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Automated Inspection Machine
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Automated Resist Coater
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10k Clean Room
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10k Clean Room
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Laser Room
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Laser Room


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B2B About Us

B2B About Us