Winonics Inc. is a part of the JR Controls Inc. family of circuit board fabrication and PCB material distribution facilities.

JR Controls, located in Ontario, California is owned by Mr. Rod Savage, who is the company President and Chairman. Mr. Savage founded JR Controls in 1970 and has been involved with the circuit board industry for more than 40 years. Mr. Savage started his career in the United States Air Force, stationed in Colorado and England. Due to Mr. Savage's contributions to the Armed Services, JR Controls is recognized as a Veteran Owned Small Business.

Cosmotronic Facility

Winonics is part of a three plant organization that specializes in providing a variety of printed circuit board solutions to a broad customer base. Winonics in Brea, CA, is a provider of commercial multilayer rigid boards, while its sister company Bench 2 Bench Technologies in Fullerton, CA, provides high density flexible circuit interconnects. JR Controls also owns WCE Enterprises, Inc., a distributor of materials to the printed circuit board industry.

Bench 2 Bench Technologies, Inc.


Winonics was founded in 1967 as a provider of rigid multilayer circuit boards serving the commercial marketplace. Winonics has provided an Alpha to Omega production model, meaning we provide engineering assistance, recommendations, and DFM (Design for Manufacture) & DRC (Design Rule Checks) for all multilayer PCB's we produce. We feel that quality electronics assemblies stem from quality PCB's, and the process starts with good planning and engineering.

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Winonics Technology Improvements

Equipment additions include a fully automated electroless line, via fill system, and laser drill to allow for in Microvias, and filled vias. More in-house processes means improved control, capabilities and shorter lead-times.


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