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Winonics has continually served all existing markets with high quality high tech printed circuit boards (PCBs) for nearly 40 years. In order to thrive in a competitive, rapidly evolving market, Winonics provides several main advantages:

Circuit Board

Engineering/CAD/CAM Services

Winonics CAD/CAM department serves as a solid starting point for prototypes. The old adage goes, fail to plan, plan to fail. Our planning department performs design rule checks (DRCs) for all PCBs we produce. Building a PCB to a bad drawing is wasteful of time and money, so we inspect all drawings to our construction rules. Our goal is to help you get your product to market faster and with more reliability than the competition. We happily provide design for manufacture (DFM) guidelines, and even lunch and learn sessions at your request.


Electronics assemblies and products are only as good as the weakest part. A common weakness in PCBs is the via, or plated through hole; thus the plating process is critical to the correct function of a PCB. Our plating chemistry is managed regularly, by experts with innumerable years of industry experience. Winonics performs cross sections (to inspect vias at the microscopic level) on each lot we build, which ensures ample plating material is deposited in the via hole. Many of our customers use us exclusively, simply because they have received PCBs with bad plating elsewhere, and they trust in our methods.

Quick Turn Times

Winonics has a host of in-house processes including laser drilling, silver and ENIG finishes, via-fill, internal CAD/CAM department, internal wet labs for cross sections, and countless others all internal at our local facilities. Having all of these processes in-house means a faster turn time and tighter controls. We also have two shifts for manufacturing, allowing PCBs to move through the facility even faster. We are pleased also to offer fast quote times on critical jobs, and please ask about hand-carried deliveries for those extra-critical jobs.

Highly Technical PCB's

Winonics offers three mil traces and spaces, multilayer PCBs 2-30+ layers, controlled impedance, stacked Microvias, via-filling, and a wide variety of surface finishes (many of which are RoHS compliant) and a wide variety of base materials with UL approval, bromine-free, and high Tg. Please contact a sales engineer in your area with questions.

Winonics is also a financially stable, veteran owned small business. We support the local economy by providing jobs for skilled workers.

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AS9100D Certification


Winonics has successfully passed audits and is now certified for both  ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D to January 11, 2024. The AS9100D is a new certification and positions Winonics among the best in our industry for fulfilling the requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Quality Management Systems.


We Are Hiring

Orbotech 8800h LDI
New Laser Direct Imaging

Winonics latest addition enables us to improve yields and accuracy thus reducing production times. This technology has greatly improved Winonics overall registration as well as line uniformity on HDI designs down to 50 microns.



Chemcut SES Line

Added in early 2013, this new etcher has improved Winonics capability to hold finer lines in today's tighter HDI designs.




PAL Electroless Line

This automated line has increased capacity & removed the possiblity of operator error in Electroless deposition..




Emma Probe Tester

This faster version of our existing Microcraft units has nearly doubled the capacity in our test department.



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