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Richard Encinas
Nat'l Sales Manager
(562)-745-4208 (Mobile)

Mike Maluy
Inside Sales Manager
(714) 256-8700 x16

Cecilia Arizon
Customer Service
(714) 256-8700 x19

Technical Support

Naresh Pande
Director of Engineering
(714) 256-8700 x35

Peter Sekulic
Technical Application Engineer
(714) 256-8700 x44

Mark Eazell
President & General Manager
(714) 256-8700 x11

I.T. Support

Rene Limjoco
I.T. Director
(714) 256-8700 x43

News and Updates

Winonics Technology Improvements

equipment additions include a via fill system, and laser drill to allow for in Microvias, and filled vias. More in-house processes means improved control, capabilities and shorter lead-times.

Winonics High Quality PCB's

Winonics appoints John Wright as Quality Manager. John has 30+ years experience in PCBs and related materials industries.

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